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Beth Parrish

Beth Parrish's Fine Art

Montgomery, AL


Beth Parrish is an Alabama artist from the capital city of Montgomery. From a young age she has been exposed to and studied art. She says she's always has had God's good graces in the support of other people to continue to study and produce artworks. Her most influential instructor was Mr. Jim Gunter another, well-known, local artist and former member of the Montgomery Art Guild. He would leave a lasting artistic impression on her and nuture her desire to teach art herself one day.
Beth is a graduate of Auburn University of Montgomery, after having spent two years at the University of Montevallo. She obtained her Master's Degree in Art Education in Fall 2012 and her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts - Studio Art in Spring 2009. She is a lifetime member of the Society of Arts and Crafts (SAC) and a former member of the Montgomery Art Guild. She has always been ready and willing to help teach others to open up to their artistic side and she shares not only her own fine art but also crafts with others. She has been known to volunteer during Zoo Camps and instruct and help young children in creating different environmental based artworks and she volunteers off and on at the local museum's FLIMP Festival either face painting or doing sidewalk chalk art or helping others make take home crafts.
While Beth enjoys helping others and creating all types of artwork, she is best known as a wildlife artist. She gets most of her images from photographs she takes around the local zoo where she handles education animals like hawks, snakes, and owls as well as local places such as Fort Toulouse in Wetumpka, Alabama. She has a passion for wildlife and wildlife/environmental education. This passion shows through in her wildlife artwork.


Pensacola Beach


Pensacola Beachfront


Wild Hearts Black and White


Hearts Black and White


Alabama Creek Indian Village


Rainbow Stain


Callaway Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot and Blue and Gold McCaw


Callaway Paper Kite Butterfly


Callaway Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly


Fort Toulouse Frog in Leaves


Fort Toulouse Bartram Trail


Gulf Breeze Llama


Gulf Breeze Peacock


Gulf Breeze Giraffe


Destin Beach VIII


Destin Beach VII


Destin Beach VI


Destin Beach V


Destin Beach IV


Destin Beach III


Destin Beach II


Destin Beach I


Pure Abstraction


Saturation Squares


Organic Prismatic